HMedia Co is owned and operated by Dann Hurlbert, who proudly serves as the Media & Design Specialist for an impressive midwestern college where he helps brilliant and effective educators make brilliant and effective instructional videos. He’s got an MFA in Digital Cinema and years of experience in front of and behind the camera. His Documentary, How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical, has remained in distribution for over 10 years with Films Media Group, and Dann is designed and developed the original “Little Prompter.” Check out www.dannhurlbert.com for more on Dann’s creative work.

To learn more about how HMedia Co can help with your event, marketing, aerial, or instructional videos, be sure to connect with us. You can also reach out to Dann through Linked in.

To learn more about Dann’s work as an author, visit www.dannhurlbert.com.

About Us

With over 20 years of both film and higher ed and k-12 education experience, we’ve got the right background to work with you on your video project. Click About Us, above, to learn more.

A Minnesota Company

HMedia Co is based near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Midwest is our backyard, but we’re happy to travel to wherever the job takes us!


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